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    Clothes, toys, shoes, coats, strollers, joggers, cribs, gear and more—all at 50-90% off retail!

Are you tired of paying too much for clothes that your kids quickly outgrow? When you shop at Just Between Friends you'll save hundreds of dollars on clothes, shoes, books, toys and all the baby gear you need for the next season of your child's life. You feel good when your kids look great—all at huge savings.



Next Sale: October 12-15

Klein Multipurpose Center | 7500 FM 2920, Klein TX 77389


3 Tips to be a Pro JBF Shopper

We know how important it is to get what your kids need at the prices you love.

Get the most bang for your buck with these shopping tips!

Bring A List

  • With thousands of items available, you'll want to hit your top priorities first!
  • Make list of what your kids will need for the next two seasons.
  • Think about Spirit Days for school!
  • Try outlining their feet on a piece of paper!
  • Holidays and Birthdays!  Along with other NEW items, we have Melissa & Doug 25% off retail prices!

Shop Early (with a wagon)

JBF shoppers come to stock up! The earlier in the sale you shop, the bigger selection you have!  Grab a ticket for presale or first public day!

If you plan to buy an entire wardrobe (and more!) feel free to bring a wagon, cart, or laundry basket to carry your awesome finds!

We also have reusable Ikea bags that you may borrow. Place bags in our hold area when they get full!

Shop Again!

You will have the biggest selection by shopping early, but you still need to come back for our discount days for the BIGGEST SAVINGS!  We have a 25% off Sale on Friday and a 50% off Sale on Saturday!*
*only non-starred items are discounted


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free and open to the public?

Yes! We are open to the public and most of our shopping days have free entry.  There is a $3  admission price for opening day (and some special early, private, shopping times that have a paid ticket) BUT you can get free tickets by clicking on the button below! Get your free tickets today!

How can I shop early?

There are special Early Bird shopping hours for which we offer tickets each sale. Those who want the best selection at the lowest prices find it worth the ticket price to get to shop even earlier. We also offer presales, too. You might qualify for one of these early shopping times. And, if you SELL with us, you also get to shop early! Find out more on the "SELLING" page.

What about COVID-19?

Your family's health is our #1 priority. We follow all guidelines for retail spaces in our area. We encourage shoppers to come without children, if possible. Our sales floor is spaced out so that we can all maintain 6-feet of social distancing at all times. High-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly.  If you are concerned about safe shopping, please reach out to me and I can let you know the "low traffic" times that would be best to shop.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept cash, but we also accept most major debit and credit cards.  Sorry, we do not accept checks.
Where are you located?
Where do items come from?

Items come from local families (just like yours)! These local families have items their kids have outgrown that are still in great shape. They price their items using the JBF tagging system and bring them to the sale... clearing out their homes and making money in the process.  The majority the sales go straight back into the hands of families in our community!

What is the HOLD AREA?

Bags get full while shopping? Use the hold area! Want to purchase something bulky like a baby bouncer?  Use the Hold Area!  The hold area is an open spot where shopper can place their full bags or bulky items, and pick up an empty bag to continue shopping. Items can then be picked up when you are ready to check out!

We love happy shoppers! Here's what they have to say.

A Mom holds up her JBF shopping bag with her right hand while resting her left hand on her stroller with toddler daughter inside.
They have everything kid related.

Having everything kid related in one location is awesome. I plan to shop/spend each sale so my kids are assured that Mom will say "yes!" to at least some of the "look Mom!" items they find.

• Becky V

Grandmom, mom and baby in a carrier gather together and flash a smile as they shop for baby items.
Great way to buy a season's worth!

This is a great way to buy a season's worth of clothes for all your littles! Great variety!

• Barbara H

A group of shoppers wearing masks for safety reasons gathers together at the sale to shop.
I love it every time!

I love it every time. And I finally got my friend to come this past sale and she was in awe of the savings. She'll be coming back for sure!

• Victoria V

Three young girls are excited to shop together in the toy section of their local JBF sale.
My favorite part is seeing other JBF Moms

My favorite part is seeing other JBF Moms who I've met at the sale - year after year! We love our kids and love saving money!

• Monica S