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Collect, Prep, and Tag


Drop Off!

...and 14 days later, your check is mailed!

Consignor Basics

Earn up to 70% on your sold items!

At JBF North Houston you earn 60% on all sold items, minus a $10 fee per event.  If you want in on the party, sign up for at least one 4 hr shift to HELP OUT and boost your check to 70% instead!

Consignors earn an average of $300 per sale!!

Join our exclusive CONSIGNOR GROUP on Facebook, get your questions answered more quickly and there will be giveaways, too!

Want to understand the process beginning to end?  Check out our Complete Consignor Guide!  

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Come on in, and enjoy the fun!  We LOVE our helpers!!!  Help us provide our shoppers a great experience and buy all of YOUR items!  Many hands make light work, join us!  Consignors who sign up to help at the sale will earn 70% of their sold items.  Put on your comfy shoes and join us for one 4 hr shift - it will BOOST your check and BUMP your shop time!!!  The more you help, the earlier you shop!

Join our team and you can shop the 1/2 price sale FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

Remember, the early bird gets the bargain!  Just sign up for the N. Houston event as a "Team Member".


***Team Members MUST be consignors!  If you plan to help at the sale, please consign at least 10 items.




DROP OFF (Please allow yourself about an hour)
Tuesday, March 17
Last name A-M 3pm - 5pm
Last name N-Z 5pm-7pm
**drop off between 3pm-7pm on Tuesday, March 17 is acceptable even if not during your last name allotted time, but please be checked in at the computer before 7pm.

Saturday, March 21

*items not picked up by 8:30pm will be considered donated and will be loaded onto the truck at 8:31pm. 


Schedule of Presale:
Consignors & Helpers shop FIRST!!!
Wednesday, March 18.

1:00pm 24 hr Team Members
1:30pm 12 hr Team Members
2:00pm 8 hr Team Members
2:30pm 4 hr Team Members
3:00pm Consignor Presale
4:00pm Prime Time Presale
5:00pm First-Time Parent Presale
6:00pm Teacher Presale

Registers close at 8pm.

We are continuing our 1/2 Price Presale Party for Team Members
Friday, March 20  - 6:30-8:30pm
It only takes ONE 4 hr shift to earn a pass!!

(Sales floor will be closed Friday 10/18/19 from 6-6:30pm, shoppers for the presale will need to line up in the lobby)

***Team Members MUST be consignors!  If you plan to help at the sale, please consign at least 10 items.




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Large Item Hot Sellers

We encourage you to find at least ONE LARGE ITEM to consign.

This will boost your check and clear out space for the fantastic finds you will snatch up while shopping! 

Large items like outdoor equipment, bikes, and furniture will be getting a fabulous yellow tag at drop off, so please just bring the item and the tag with you, and one of our amazing helpers will assist you.

TIP:  Yes, these are hot ticket items and usually sell very well, please price in the 50-75% off retail range.

Baby Equipment

Exersaucers, Bouncy Seats, Strollers, High Chairs, and Swings, OH MY!


TIP:  FIRST, check to see if item has been recalled. (Click button at the bottom of this page)

TIP: CARSEATS will need a waiver filled out prior to drop off.  You must have a carseat waiver/checklist - here.  Carseat manuals must also be provided with the carseat, or at a minimum, the pages for installation and height/weight requirements must be printed from the manufacturers website.

TIP:  CRIBS - due to a nationwide recall, we will not be able to accept any cribs manufactured before June 2011.  Cribs will also need a waiver completed before drop off.  You can print that here.

TIP:  Small pieces and power cords need bagged in zip top bag, then TAPE THE BAG SHUT, the bag can be hole punched and ziptied to the larger item.

TIP:  Yes, these are hot ticket items and usually sell very well, please price in the 50-75% off retail range.

Bags & Infant Carriers

You want your items to sell, sell, sell...

Backpacks, purses, and diaper bags should be hung on adult size hangers.  Please, make sure your items are secured to the hanger using zipties.  (Zipties are your friend!)


Toys are a hot ticket at any JBF!  


TIP:  Clean it!  Grab some wipes, an old tooth brush, and a magic eraser (excellent for getting scuff marks off plastic, but use caution - it is powerful)

TIP:  Small pieces need bagged in zip top bag, then TAPE THE BAG SHUT, the bag can be hole punch and ziptied to the larger item or it can be securely taped. (I recommend NOT taping over sticker decals and ONLY using SCOTCH brand packing tape)

TIP:  Tags can be taped to the toy, but not over stickers.  I recommend SCOTCH brand to avoid the sticky residue OR again, zipties are your friend - hole punch and secure.

TIP:  Any item in a ziptop bag needs TAPED SHUT and you can tape the tag on as well.

TIP:  Pricing is important!  Toys should be priced 50-90% OFF of retail prices.

Infant to Juniors Clothing

All clothing items should be on hangers with the hook making a ? at the top.  Make sure to SECURE clothing using safety pins (At least 1" in size) to the hanger to keep clothing from falling in the floor.  Group items together so that all hanging items meet the $3 minimum (this applies to clothing only).  

Please only bring seasonal clothing.  We will not be accepting Event T Shirts and Shirts with Dates on them (ex.: VBS, Camp, 2016 Old Navy)

Spring Unaccepted items:

  • Christmas, Halloween, or New Years items. 
  • Coats, lined jackets, flannel, corduroy, sweat pants/shirts, or fleece.
  • You can tag off season if you have the time, just throw a dryer sheet in your tote to keep them smelling fresh until the fall sale.

Fall Unaccepted Items:

  • Tank tops
  • Spring/Easter dresses
  • St Patrick's, 4th of July, Easter holiday items

TIP: Clothing sells best in season spring/summer for the spring sale, fall/winter in the fall sale - therefore the North Houston sale is seasonal.  Jeans, tshirts, and light weight jackets always sell well.

TIP:  Use child size hangers for any clothing under 3T, and adult hangers for clothing over 3T.

TIP:  When hanging pants/shorts/skirts keep your pins close enough together to keep them from sliding to the bottom rung of the hanger

TIP:  Items that look new sell better, that is why we recommend you hang all items and avoid bagging them.  Also, a quick press with an iron will make them stand out even more.

TIP:  Smaller sizes sell better with multiple items or outfits under one tag.  *Make sure your pin encompasses each article of clothing and the rung of the hanger to prevent damage to the clothing*

TIP: Inspect your items for stains and holes as you go to save yourself the trouble of tagging an item that will be declined at inspection.

TIP: Fresh is best, but if you are storing your items between sales, drop a dryer sheet into the tote to keep them smelling appealing.


 Who doesn't love shoes?

Make sure all shoes are cleaned, you can use a magic eraser for the rubber around the shoe (again, it's powerful so use caution).

All shoes should be attached to their mate, zipties work wonderfully through the back loop or the shoe string hole.  You can even hole punch the tag and use the zip tie for that as well.

Infant shoes or shoes that you can't secure together with a ziptie can be bagged in clear bags, taping the top shut.

Please, bring only your best shoes.  Refrain from bringing scuffed toed shoes or sandals with footprints outlined - in season shoes sell better.   Shoes will be inspected.

Bedding, Blankets, & Textiles

Again, we want your items to sell, sell, sell...

These items will sell better if they are displayed, fold over hangers and pin to secure them.

Smaller items sold together can be secured together with pins or bagged (taping the bag shut).

Bedding sets can be packaged together - no crib bumpers are accepted - you can remove them and sell the reaminder of the set.  Crib through twin accepted, full and queen only if teen/child brand upon approval.

Price to sell!  Shoppers are less likely to purchase these items used, so price low to sell.

Books, Games, & DVDs

We strive for high quality, so please make sure all games and puzzles have all their pieces and confirm that DVDs and video games work properly.  Think like a shopper.

TIP:  Tape all game boxes and DVDs closed using SCOTCH packing tape.

TIP:  Wooden toddler puzzles can be wrapped in cling wrap and taped with packing tape.

TIP:  If you are selling multiple items together, make sure they are secured together well.

TIP:  Higher priced items (electronics) should be packaged well and given to a Team Member at the register area during drop off.

Accessories and Small Items

If item is unable to have the tag directly applied to it, please place in a clear bag and tape the top closed.  We will have clothes pins and hanger clips available to display accessories.  


Please limit your maternity items to your top 20 for the season.  

Maternity clothes are challenging to hang, but please secure shirts and dresses with a 1-inch safety around the rung of an adult size hanger.

For bottoms - you can double over and pin the item, but I recommend you lay the hanger flat (making a ? at the top) and pin each side of the top of the item around TOP rung of the hanger, making sure to pin them CLOSE TOGETHER, so that the item does not slip to the bottom rung.

Boutique Items

Of course, hang them like any other clothing items, but at drop off look for the rack dedicated to Boutique items.

Need Supplies?

If you need wire hangers, I can hook you up!  We have them available for purchase - 50 for $8

I also have bulk safety pins available.

email me at cindysmith@jbfsale.com


VIP Consignors

No time to tag?  No problem.  You can use our VIP tagging services. 

Gather items - clean and sort clothes, shoes, toys, ect. Our taggers will prepare your items for drop off.  If you are interested in more details, including the fee for this service please email me at cindysmith@jbfsale.com with VIP CONSIGNOR in the subject.  Limited spots available, the earlier you sign up the more likely that we will be able to match you up with a tagger.


Express Drop Off

Because we know your time is valuable and some simply don't have time for the drop off process, we are now offering Express Drop off.

We will have a limited number of Express Drop Off slots, to be scheduled in advance, on a first come, first served basis.

Express drop off is $25.00 for consignors with 1-250 items and $5.00 for each additional 50 items.  This fee is in addition to the standard consignor fee and percentage.  All fees will be deducted from the consignor’s check. Item count will be taken from the total number of tags in the tagging system, so make sure your site is up to date.

Consignors interested in express drop off should contact me at cindysmith@jbfsale.com with EXPRESS DROP OFF  in the subject to schedule a drop off time. Only a limited number of slots are available and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.  At drop off you will need to notify us at check-in.


Drop Off Procedure

Bring one item in, complete consignor waiver, and check in!  (You can bring in a completed waiver to save time, print one from this page, or one will be sent via email before the sale)

You will then bring in clothing, pre-sorted by size and gender, and place them in the correct gender/size category.  Shoes will be taken to the shoe inspection table. 

All other items will be placed in the areas designated.

....and yay!!!  You will be given your presale pass after you have dropped off.  That's it.  You can sit home and monitor your sales and await your check.



Want to SHOP EVEN EARLIER and earn more?


Cindy Smith

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Welcome to JBF North Houston!  I'm a mother of 4 and I GET shopping on a budget!  JBF has been a huge blessing to my family to find just what my kids need at each stage and with each growth spurt!

My kids LOVE JBF because they get to pick out toys and mom will say "YES!" because the deals are AH-MAZING!!!